Alpine Bank

[vc_row][vc_column width=”1/1″][vc_column_text]Alpine Bank Grand Junction

Downtown branch remodel.

Scope: Personal banker area on the main floor; conference rooms, administrative office, and executive offices

Worked in conjunction with Blythe + co. and Alpine Bank from concept through installation

Featured Prouducts

  • Keilhauer KM Classic Club Chair
  • Keilhauer KM Classic Club Sofa
  • Keilhauer KM Tufted Tuxedo Chair
  • Keilhauer Branden Bench
  • Keilhauer Cahoots Relax Lounger
  • Keilhauer Cahoots Side Chair
  • Keilhauer Aesync Desk Chair
  • Keilhauer Cahoots Counter Stool
  • Keilhauer Also Counter Stool
  • Keilhauer Juxta Table
  • Keilhauer K Modern Table
  • Skyline Glass
  • Steelcase Post Beam installed with EE6
  • Steelcase Elective Elements
  • Details Worktools

Concept Drawings

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Project Photos

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