Eyesite Monitor Arm

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As technology continues to rapidly advance, displays are coming in more shapes and sizes and employees often use several at the same time. With increased usage, employees face added strain to their eyes, necks and backs. Eyesite was designed to give users control over the angle and depth of displays—regardless of shape, size and quantity— maximizing display usage while increasing comfort and productivity.

Adjustable focal depth bars provide 13″ of adjustability. When not in use, displays tuck back neatly, clearing valuable worksurface space. Fixed focal depth bars are also available.


  • Maximizing use of space available, Eyesite allows for multiple monitor usage to increase productivity
  • Eyesite supports two monitor displays up to 24″ and weighing up to 25lbs. each
  • Rotate adjustability to landscape or portrait view
  • Integrated cable management
  • Quick-Connect capability for easy connection (or disconnection) of monitors to the device
  • Minor assembly required



Computer Support Tools Brochure

Install Video

Bar Attchement Instructions

Dual Mount Replacment

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