Volley is a straight-forward monitor arm with an understated design and a simple statement of line.

With Volley, each workstation is equipped for a variety of display configurations while maintaining a consistent aesthetic throughout the space. When workers have the freedom to choose how they work, whether it’s using dual displays, a laptop or a tablet, they are happier and more productive


  • 24″ maximum monitor size
  • 15.4 lb maximum monitor weight


  • Dynamic height adjustment
  • 9.5″ vertical adjustment range
  • 17.7″ maximum arm height
  • 24″ focal adjustment
  • 360° monitor and arm rotation
  • 45° monitor tilt


  • 360° swivel range with 180° limiter
  • Swivel limiters prevent collision with adjacent screens and walls

Additional Features

  • 75 mm x 100 mm mounting options
  • Recedes 3″ from back edge of worksurface
  • Integrated cable management

Laptop Holder

  • 11.8″ H x 11.8″ W, maximum laptop size
  • Cord secures laptop in place

Tablet Holder

  • 8.75″ H x 6″ W x 0.1″ D, minimum tablet size
  • 10.375″ H x 7.5″ W x 0.5″ D, maximum tablet size
  • Quick connect switch on back of the holder locks tablet into place

Slatwall Mount

  • Dynamic height adjustment
  • 5″ (approx. 240 mm) minimum vertical adjustment range
  • Supports monitors up to 15.4 lbs (approx. 7 kg)
  • 75 mm x 100 mm mounting option
  • 360º monitor and arm rotation
  • Monitor quick connect/disconnect

Quick Connect Mount

  • Integrated cable management
  • C-clamp and through-mount brackets
  • Swivel limiters prevent Volley from colliding with screens or walls
  • Maximum size of monitor is 24″


Brushed Aluminum (with white accents)


Computer Support Tools Brochure

Volley Spec Sheet

Watch this video to learn more about the Volley adjustable monitor arm.