Montage206Montage is a panel system that offers a breadth of surface material options, is highly customizable, and features a superior fit and finish.

Montage is a refined, architectural culmination of what Steelcase has learned about work and the workplace:

  • How environment affects morale and productivity.
  • How impressions can attract better employees and new business.
  • How things like ergonomics, workflow and useable space can improve communications, processes and the bottom line.


Quality of the work environment is the second most important factor  determining job satisfaction.*

90% of employees say a great view is important— working in that great view is even better.*

41% of workers feel their w workplace fails to attract and retain employees.*

*Steelcase Workplace Satisfaction Surveys

Choose your space

  • Stackable frames allow for varying levels of visual and acoustical privacy.
  • Hinged or pocket doors are available for spaces where additional privacy is needed.
  • Features like frameless glass dividers, full height tiles that don’t require base trim, and extended top caps minimize seams help you customize your space even more.
  • Available in monolithic and tiled options


Technology that counts

Open frame construction allows power and communication to be routed  in the base, horizontally within the frame.

  • Consolidation point kit provides easy access to connection points for data/voice networks reducing reconfiguration costs.
  • Power and data access at base and desk height; data anywhere.
  • Tiles are removable and interchangeable for easy access to wire/cable management.



Clarify Wood Finish