Office Outfitters and Planners specializes in commercial design and installation of window shading systems, solar shades, horizontal blinds, solar screens, vertical blinds, privacy curtains, and more for commercial use.

Solar Shades

Controls glare and reduces radiant heat!

Relieves classrooms from bright and harmful sunlight with solar shades!

Aluminum Horizontal Blinds

Motorized shades

Window coverings that work with a flick of a switch or remote control. The addition of heat and light sensors allow for even more efficient climate control and
automated privacy 24/7.

Roller Shades

Simple solution to light control. Chain-drive clutch operating system allows precise control to help ensure a uniform look.

Vertical Blinds

Vertical Blinds allow maximum coverage of large windows and adds a clean architectural look to your office at a cost-effective price. You can choose from light filtering fabric or an economical vinyl vane.