Carpet tile – or modular carpet – offers many advantages.

Worn areas can be replaced without replacing all of the carpet – hallways, entryways, etc.  In the case of a stain, a tile can be removed and easily replaced instead replacing a larger area.

Office Outfitters and Planners can deliver floor covering products that fit your budget – and your schedule. We also offer industry-leading products and provide outstanding customer service and a sales team that understands your total flooring needs.

We sell and install carpet tile products from the leading manufacturers that combine value and functionality with environmental responsibility.


Office uP

Reduce the downtown normally associated with installing new floor covering.  Our team can install your new carpet without dismantling your current furniture.  We use a patented method to lift your furniture while in place and remove and install the carpet while the furniture stays in place.  Less disruption for your operations and less down time for your staff.  Less is more.