Innovation. Artistry. Performance.

The performance is intuitive. It responds to the natural movement of the human body. The way you move is the way it moves.

The SILQ chair (pronounced silk) is a breakthrough in seating design. Its innovation is both mechanism and artistry, and delivers a personal experience by responding to the unique movements of your body.

Inspired by advances in material science, Steelcase created SILQ™ —a breakthrough in seating design. The way SILQ is sculpted, the way it performs and what it’s made of are inseparable. When you sit in it, you become a part of it. SILQ delivers a personal experience that responds to the unique movements of your body and its wide range of material combinations create a canvas for personal expression.

Standard + Optional Features


  • With arms
  • Without arms


  • Chair
  • Stool

Glides or Caster

Surface Materials

  • Polished Aluminum
  • Matte Aluminum
  • Lux Coatings

SILQ User Guide