Embank laminate desking and storage looks great in all types of settings – from private offices to open plan and everywhere in between. Create atmosphere and express brand with the natural appearance and warmth of wood. Designed to coordinate and integrate with other solutions, Embank is ideal for settings that blend multiple lines.

  • From private office to open plan
  • Works alone and blends well.
  • Attractive choices in more ways than one

 Pedestals                                          Fixed Pedestals

                                                              Mobile Pedestals

                                                              Mobile Pedestal Cushion

Laterals + Lower Storage            1-High Lateral File

                                                              1.5-High Lateral File

                                                              2-High Lateral File

                                                              3-High Lateral File

                                                              4-High Lateral File

                                                              1-High Lower Storage

                                                              1.5-High Lower Storage

                                                              2-High Lower Storage

                                                              3-High Lower Storage


Credenzas                                         Open / Lateral

                                                              Lateral / Lateral

                                                              Lateral / Cabinet

                                                              Cabinet / Cabinet

                                                              Common Top

                                                              Credenzas with Knee space Single Pedestal

                                                              Credenzas with Knee space Double Pedestal

Desks                                                  Desk Shell with End Panels

                                                              Desk with One Pedestal

                                                              Desk with Two Pedestals

                                                              Desk Return Shell with End Panels

                                                              Desk Return with One Pedestal

                                                              Desk Bridge

                                                              D-Shape Desk

                                                              P-Shape Desk

Towers                                               Single Door Tower

                                                              Dual Door Tower

                                                              Side Access Tower


Bookcase                                           Bookcase w/ 2 Shelves

                                                              Bookcase w/ 3 Shelves

                                                              Bookcase w/ 4 Shelves

                                                              Stacking Bookcase

Overheads + Organizers             Overhead w/ Hinge Doors

                                                              Overhead w/ Sliding Doors

                                                              Overhead w/ No Doors


                                                              Stacking Overhead w/ Hinge Doors

                                                              Stacking Overhead w/ Sliding Doors

                                                              Stacking Overhead w/ No Doors


Tables                                  Round Table X-Base

                                               Square Table X-Base

                                               Conference Table Rectangular

  •  Executive Office
  • Private Office
  • Collaboration Space
  • Enclave Space
  • Transitional Space
  • Flexible Space


Cut Sheet

Spec Sheet