Simple Seating







Simple Chair

The Simple Chair is the easiest chair to add anywhere. Pull up to a teammate’s desk. Populate a conference room. Meet on the fly. Use the Simple Chair unadorned or with optional cushions and slipcovers for added comfort and design expression. Stackable four high, Simple Chair is a lightweight, practical solution that accommodates everyone


Simple Stool

Stools invite leaning in, sharing coffee and ideas, landing for a while then moving on. That’s why they are essential in today’s dynamic workplaces. The Simple Stool does everything you want in a stool plus one more thing that most stools can’t do: it stacks. Create a cafe environment in minutes. Then store it to repurpose the room.


Simple Lounge

Simple Lounge has just the right recline and pitch to work at a lounge height table with a roomier seat and arms, cushions and slipcovers for enhanced comfort and design. Stackable. Lightweight. Expressive. That’s Simple Lounge.








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