Our Proven Process

  • Our philosophy and process revolve around working collaboratively with project stakeholders and key personnel involved in the decision-making process. The first step is to conduct a needs analysis, understand and clarify goals, budget requirements, desired outcomes, and utilization. Review planning, budget, and timing. This is the project scope.
  • Provide product solution recommendations based on our understanding of the parameters of the project and our experience with similar projects. Produce product proposal selection tools – this can include 3D renderings, samples, and on-site mock-ups.
  • Review and produce scaled layout drawings for final approval based on stakeholder feedback.
  • Verify final selections with stakeholders and key personnel.
  • Finalize contract documents, technical specifications, insurance requirements and ordering processes based on the project scope.
  • Conduct final on-site measurements – after the drywall has been installed including power and data locates.
  • Upon receipt of completed contract, deposit, and purchase order(s), process the finalized order.
  • Provide production updates based on manufacturing process.
  • Receive, deliver, and install. Delivery coordinated with stakeholders including owner, project designer and the contractor.
    • Installation crew will be scaled up or down based on project size and installation milestones.
    • Site preparation and protection for corners, floors, etc., if requested.
    • Delivery and installation timing and duration communicated with stakeholders.
  • As the installation progresses, we will prepare a pre-punch list and schedule a punch list walkthrough upon substantial completion.
  • Continued service after the project completion will include any punch list items and any future warranty work. Our schedule administrator will work with the key personnel to accommodate service needs.
  • An account manager will be assigned to ensure your future needs are met.

Proven Project Process and Matrix

The matrix provides a single framework for organizing, relating, and viewing the diverse aspects of a typical project.

Established to cope with complexity, process enormous amounts of information, and manage limited resources of most projects. Based on tracking task progress towards desired outcomes while staying on schedule and within budget and solving for problems such as adequate planning, budget, time.

This process and matrix helps us to stay on top of the project. We can better anticipate problems and use the tools to spot them as early as possible.

A key to the success of the project matrix is setting goals. Precise, measurable, and quantitative goals must be established prior to the project start.


  • Define the work scope – goals by project or activity including desired outcomes
  • Detail roles, authorities, and responsibilities of stakeholders and projects members
  • Define issues and prepare solutions
  • Establish times and budgets based on outcomes. Define deliverable WBS
  • Manage scope and execute scope. Allocate resources
  • Monitor and Control costs, times, and quality to report deviations in a timely manner
  • Project Closeout


Project Management Team Members and Role Definitions

Stakeholder – End User, Influencer, Owners’ Rep, Financial Officer, Facilities Director, Construction Manager

Sales/Account Manager – Key Point of Contact: Customer Relations, Project Communication, and Project Management

Design – Verify Parameters, Code Compliance, Translate ideas into productive reality and Project Management

Installation – Receiving, Delivery, Installation, Trouble Shooting, Problem Resolution, Project Management

Coordinates with sub-contractors

Coordinates with facility personnel

Coordinates with stakeholders including owner’s rep, designer

Administration – Order Process, Price verification, Delivery Coordination, Supply Chain Issues, Project Management

Administration – Accounting, Job Costing, Project Tracking, Project Admin Costs, Other Costs

Management – Oversight, Job Costing, and Project Management


Project Work Breakdown Structure



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