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Welcome to the Steelcase Seating Portfolio 2024 – where comfort meets innovation!  These chairs aren’t just about sitting; they’re about elevating your entire experience. With a perfect blend of style, ergonomic design, and functionality, they’re more than just office furniture – they’re your new best friend at work. From boosting productivity to keeping you cozy during those long hours, these chairs have got your back (literally!). Get ready to say hello to a whole new level of comfort and cheer in your workspace!

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The Steelcase Seating Difference Framework

Steelcase is the market leader because of their focus on 3 important factors:

  • Innovative Design Extensive research and an understanding of people and how they work along with a commitment to developing reliable and sustainable products.
  • Dynamic Comfort  The steps we taken to design chairs that are comfortable, but comfort is more than just an initial feeling when you first sit down. Steelcase seating is designed for dynamic comfort by encouraging healthy movement throughout your day – to keep you engaged and focused without sacrificing support.
  • Broadest Choice Steelcase provides organizations a thorough range of products with extensive styles and options to fit all shapes and sizes and meet style and budget needs.

Better Design

Better Comfort

Better Choice

Featuring our top high-performance task chairs

  • Gesture is designed for all the ways technology shapes your posture.
  • Leap lets you dial in a precise fit in all the places you need it most
  • Karman goes beyond leading mesh office chairs to provide effortless comfort.
  • Think’s award-winning design re-imagined what an office chair could do, and how sustainable it could be.
  • Amia is a versatile best-seller.
  • Steelcase Series 2 offers attainable performance with a boost of expression.
  • Steelcase Series 1  gives you essential ergonomics and quality at a great value.


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