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Shifting throughout the day is human — and student — nature. That’s why Smith System® added the new Flavors® Noodle Chair to its student seating offerings. A revolution in school furniture, the Flavors® Noodle Chair is designed to flex with — not resist — the student. After all, movement in the classroom is shown to enhance concentration, promote better breathing and expel energy, and it may have bariatric benefits, too.

The Flavors® Noodle Chair’s flexibility comes from a patented suspension that allows the seat small, multi-directional movements, making the chair more comfortable and encouraging students to engage core muscles while seated. It’s also a smart choice for collaborative learning environments, as the shell’s shape facilitates group work and comfort when facing front, back or side-to-side.

The Flavors Noodle school chair provides the benefits of sitting on a large ball with the added advantages of more stability and back support. Overall, the Noodle Chair aims to provide the most dynamic sitting experience.

The shell rests on a patented suspension, allowing the seatpan to tilt slightly in all directions.

  • A four-position chair offering the utmost freedom of movement.
  • High-density polypropylene shell with color throughout.
  • Durable swivel-base glides with non-staining nylon bases and chrome-plated steel covers, come standard. Or choose optional felt or stainless steel glides. The legs are strong, 18-gauge welded steel with a durable chrome or platinum finish.

Flavors Cantilever Chair

A four-position classroom chair allows students to sit comfortably facing front, either side or rear. Flexing the seat back provides support and allows students to turn with less restriction.

  • Flat seat pan with waterfall front edge.
  • Four sizes.
  • Durable glides with non-staining nylon bases come standard or choose optional felt glides.
  • Available in 13 colors, sled base frame in Chrome and Platinum.

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