3F privacy screens with 5 different mounting options offer next level functionality for your privacy needs.

  • 18mm PET felt cut to a wide range of sizes
  • Supports Linear, L- and U-shapes
  • Tackable and sound-absorbing
  • 5 worksurface attachment methods
  • 8 Verve color options
  • Made from 50% recycled plastic water bottles
  • 100% recyclable

Designed with universal bracket options, 3F Screens can easily be added to any new or existing desk or bench application to maximize privacy and boundaries between employees.

Now available in 28″ heights and with extended side panel sizes, 3F Screens feature recycled PET material in 10 color options that add an organic look and feel to any work environment. Choose between linear or wrapped screens to maximize boundaries and help bring employees back to the office safely. Diluted bleach solutions applied as a spray can be used to disinfect 3F Screen surfaces. Please refer to AMQ’s Cleaning Instructions for more information.

Application Considerations

— Linear Enclosure

Use 1 Linear Back Screen and 2 Linear Side screens to completely enclose the workstation. Consider using 36”W side screens for extended boundary and shielding beyond the worksurface. Requires 3 sets of brackets.

— L-Wrapped

Wrapped L-Screen provides 23” of side privacy with a continuous curve design to eliminate any gaps and maximize shielding. Requires 2 sets of brackets.

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