Amobi Agile Workspaces

Meeting the Future of Work

Today’s teams have a more collaborative and agile style of working, yet most offices remain linear and static. The new workplace is more flexible and fluid, and Amobi recognizes the need for rapid reconfiguration as workers move from collaborative to private work throughout the day.

Winner of the Best of Neocon  – Business Innovation Award – Link

Ease, Integration and Flexibility

The Amobi collection includes Desk – a fully integrated workstation that folds up to store when not in use – and Team, a series of mobile walls and carts that allow for impromptu collaborative hubs and space division. All user touchpoints are highlighted in blue for ease of use, and felt inlays and infills add acoustical absorption and soft storage

Amobi Desk

Amobi Desks are fully integrated, mobile workstations that easily transport and fold up to store when not in use. Choose Desk/One for an open workstation or Desk/Focus with magnetic side panels that offer additional privacy.


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