Coalesse Design Group

Interactive Whiteboard

The innovative Exponents White Board & Mobile Display line has intelligent design and features that let you better connect with users.

Move the message. Work the room. The new Mobile Whiteboard and Monitor Stand from our Exponents conferencing line will elevate any conversation. Choose whiteboard in two widths; mediaboard with mounting hardware and integrated storage and cord routing; or mediaboard with Steelcase media:scape technology.

  • Handle on each end with integrated marker and eraser storage
  • e3 ceramicsteel magnetic markerboard surface
  • Painted metal base with protective plastic bumpers
  • Wood veneer or painted outer side frame trim panels
  • Two directional and two locking 4 wheels
  • level™ 2 certified

Front panel is a fixed markerboard surface that is standard in e3 Ceramic Steel with milk gloss painted aluminum extrusion.

Monitor mount is standard on the mediaboard and mediaboard with Steelcase media:scape technology mobile display units.