Hush Acoustic Wall Tile

by Compatico

Transform your walls with Hush tiles and add a burst of color and fashionable design. Hush tiles are designed to reduce cross-talk interference by absorbing and scattering sound. You can improve room acoustics by 30-50% with as little as 20% of the wall covered with Hush tiles. Hush tiles offer Class A fire rating, easy to mount options, made in the USA and are 100% recyclable.

  •  Absorbs and scatters sounds for maximum noise reduction.
  •  Reduces cross-talk interference making it easier to understand conversations.
  •  Reduces flutter echo for podcast and video recordings.
  •  Available in thousands of fabric coverings. Full color printing also available on any tile
  •  Easy to install using 3M Dual Lock, high tack double sided tape, or permanent spray adhesive. No wall penetrating clips or brackets.
  •  Contains NO fiberglass; 100% recyclable.
  •  Class A Fire Rating on core material (flames spread at 15-25; under 450 smoke; ASTM E84; UL 723). Check manufacturer’s specs for fabric fire rating.