Room Dividers Partitions ♦ Sound division  Desk division

Applications for open work spaces and waiting areas

Space division – Visually separate areas

Six different styles

Frame Wall – Room divider

FRAMEwall allows you divide space while maintaining an open flow throughout your space. The modular frame design consists of interchangeable panels and a recycled aluminum frame.

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WEB Wall – Unique visual divider

Functional Art – The sculptural design of the WEB divider screen was inspired to provide space division for an open space or area without blocking off natural light.

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Flex Wall – Flexible Sound Absorbing divider

Lightweight, flexible partition screen designed to maneuver and conform to any space. Colorful fabric panels allow for customization of the design of your environment while also serving as a sound absorbing barrier.

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Blox – Premium acoustical panel

BLOX is a premium engineered acoustical panel designed to absorb up to 85% of noise in open spaces and approaches sound control in a new way. Instead of mounting sound panels to existing walls or ceilings, the BLOX system is modular, allowing placement anywhere desired in an environment, for best performance. Each BLOX system is available in a dozen colors and six frame configurations.

BLOX comes in 12 colors, made with premium, recycled wool blends with a soft, textured feel that double as VOC pollutant absorbers. Click swatches to see example configurations.

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Wave Wall

WAVEwall brings an arrangement of undulating panels which provide a visual barrier, yet also allow air & light to pass through openings.

The design functions as a filter between spaces. WAVE’s curved panel shape dampens sound and redirects ambient light to pass through the screens openings.

WAVE is available in three widths and a range of frame and panel colors to offer full customization for your space.

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Desk Divider  – Tabletop privacy

DESKdivider is a modular table top privacy screen. The modular design provides privacy on the desk and an optional modesty panel below the desk.

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Glide – Sliding divider

GLIDE is an overhead sliding partition system designed to open up or close off sections of space. Panels are available in widths 18” to 98” wide. Single or Double track available in 10’ sections.

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Applications and Inspirations