Winston Sit Stand

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Winston Workstation® – Energizing your body. Inspiring your mind.

Instantly converts any desk into a sit-stand workspace.

Recent studies indicate sitting throughout the day can have the same negative health consequences as smoking. Winston seamlessly integrates into your workday  – retrofit your existing desk into a healthy workspace with the freestanding base.

Available in single or dual configurations for VESA Apple iMac

  • Quick, easy monitor install. Simply attach, adjust, and remove all at the face of the beam. No need to slide monitors to remove.
  • Engineered for stability. Expansive work space. Large surface and convenient storage tray allow you to bring all necessities with you when you stand.
  • 17” range of vertical height adjustment with locking cylinder to keep the workstation in place. No manual adjustment needed.
  • Cable clips in the column and beam keep the cables organized and out of t
  • Assembled in the USA using components created through a green manufacturing process.
  • Additional mounting options: clamp mount and thru mount also available.

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