Overbed Table – Steelcase


By Steelcase Health

Bedside companion

By providing matching surface trim, Steelcase Health overbed tables create a sense of order and consistency in the patient room.

The patient room is filled with activity and interactions between the patient, clinicians and family members. At the center of this activity is the Overbed Table which plays a pivotal role for eating and display of personal items, but also serves as a social bridge to for conversations with clinicians and family members. This simple piece of furniture allows collaborative interaction to occur bedside or anywhere in the room.


  • Tops: Available in 2 sizes and 3 shapes to accommodate food trays, personal items, and a writing surfac
  • Spill top: standard on all rigid thermoform styles; collects and prevents liquids from spilling over the edge
  • Adjustability: ranges allow for flexibility of use by patient and caregiver
  • Base: available in 2 styles—standard C base and low profile U base—offers choice of aesthetic and function
  • Casters: standard in black; allows table to move easily and be positioned in the room


Environmental Profile