Regional Bank Headquarters – New Building in Grand Junction

Architect: Blythe Group + Co – Project Link 

Designer: Pamela Blythe

Trip to Steelcase on the the jet

Started with discussion on the future of work and the office

Thanks to Pamela Blythe at BG+co and the branding vision of Timberline’s Co-CEO’s, we had the opportunity to provide some of Steelcase’s top-shelf workplace products on this project. These are the products from Steelcase’s offering that really make them stand out as one of the leading commercial furniture manufacturers in the world. We furnished the entire building which consists of three floors with approximately 100 workstations and various seating and conferencing areas.

Some of the premium furniture pieces that make this building a beautiful and unique space to work include: Mackinac workstations, Media:Scape conferencing, Elective Elements desking, Coalesse seating, Bivi desking, Brody pod lounge / desks, Walkstation treadmill desks, and IRYS conference pod.

The design incorporates a mix of dedicated workspaces, collaborative/flexible workspaces, and comfortable respite spaces where employees can relax, eat lunch, or meet with clients. The open floorplan design has allowed the bank to easily reconfigure the space and adapt to their changing needs since they opened. In addition to the modern, high-end Steelcase products, we also provided some eye-catching products from other vendors including Nevin’s Bio Canvas screens, Keilhauer lounge seating and our designer’s favorite, Enwork’s Equilibrium table.

This project also included installing approximately 700 ln ft. of glass demountable wall product to create private offices (Steelcase Privacy Wall). The design maintains the building’s open look while also providing flexibility that permanent walls can’t provide. Existing glass walls can be moved and turned into solid walls with a variety of materials and vice versa.

Design approach

  • Inspiration in Steelcase 360 Magazine – the Office Renaissance
  • Less of a corporate look
  • Looking for a more open approach to consumer banking
  • Non-assigned workspaces
  • Incorporate private areas and consultative areas
  • Community room – work café concepts
  • Currently using Haworth, Artopex, HON, and Officemaster

Products Used In The Space

9 to 5 Neo Lite Chairs and Stools

Arcadia Intima Lounge

Arcadia Co-op Table

Coalesse Bix Lounge

Coalesse Enea Stools

Coalesse Exponents Mediaboard

Coalesse Montara650 Lounge

Coalesse Millbrae Sofa

Coalesse Potero415 Table    

Enwork Adventure Table

Enwork Equilibrium

Keilhauer Buncha Chair

Keilhauer Oro Lounge

Keilhauer Geometry Table

Keilhauer Coy Lounge

Keilhauer Stix Table

Nevins Bio Canvas

Steelcase Akira Flip Top Table

Steelcase Answer              

Steelcase B-Free Pint Table 

Steelcase Brody  

Steelcase Clipper Privacy Screen             

Steelcase Currency           

Steelcase Elective Elements

Steelcase Exchange Table

Steelcase Fitwork                                 

Steelcase FlexFrame         

Steelcase Privacy Wall

Steelcase Player                

Steelcase Groupwork        

Steelcase i2i                      

Steelcase Irys Pod             

Steelcase LED Linear         

Steelcase Mackinac          

Steelcase Media:scape D Table            

Steelcase Migration SE Height Adjustable Table     

Steelcase Montage           

Steelcase Ology                 

Steelcase Payback  

Steelcase Skate Table          

Steelcase SOTO Worktools      

Steelcase Think                 

Steelcase Universal Storage                    

Steelcase Regard               

Steelcase Victor 2

Steelcase Walkstation             

Tuohy Z1 Training Tables and Credenza

Turnstone Alight

Turnstone Bassline

Turnstone Bivi

Turnstone Campfire   

Turnstone Jenny       

Sunbrite Outdoor Furniture


9to 5








Steelcase Turnstone