Room Wizard


Problem – Double booking/overbooking conference rooms. Sitting in a meeting and being interrupted by the people that had the room booked.

The Ongoing Search for Meeting Space

  • Confusion often begins before entering the meeting room.
  • An empty room doesn’t always mean an available room.
  • Workers will start a meeting only to get bumped, which leads to a search for an alternative meeting space—a ritual that’s as stressful as it is inefficient.
  • Scheduling space varies widely within organizations, between buildings and across individual spaces. Many processes – even corporate calendar systems – haven’t proven effective with improving communication in the workplace.

RoomWizard is a web-based meeting room scheduling system that solves the dilemma of booking rooms and connecting workers to meeting spaces.

The RoomWizard is a web-based scheduling device mounted near a meeting room entrance or group area. The interactive touch screen displays room availability and reservation details and allows you to schedule a room or adjust a reservation.

RoomWizards are easy to install and maintain.
• A power-over-ethernet (PoE) network cable powers each RoomWizard. A traditional AC power source is not needed.
• RoomWizards may be mounted on drywall, concrete, brick, glass, doorframes, or furniture.
• The touch screen may be easily cleaned with a microfiber cloth.
• RoomWizards may be secured with a Kensington lock

RoomWizard II comes with everything needed to operate in classic mode, as a stand-alone system with standard firmware which is included. To operate in synchronized mode, the synchronization drivers must be purchased separately.

Each Room Wizard has its own IP address

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