by Steelcase

Out of the way, yet always where you need it – the SOTO LED Task Light is the perfect companion for just about any sized work area. Whether you choose to employ it as a free-standing fixture, or tuck it away under a shelf – SOTO LED task lights are a part of the SOTO family of worktools.

The SOTO Extended LED task light is designed for use on large worksurfaces, providing the user with an additional eight inches of reach.  The Soto Mini is designed to be installed to put the light where you need it most.


Designed for use in hard-to-reach and hard-to-light places such as beneath shelves and flat panel monitors, the mini SOTO LED and mini SOTO Extended LED has all the flexibility of our SOTO LED in a fraction of the space.

Environmental Profile

SOTO Spec Sheet

Mini SOTO Spec Sheet