LED Linear Desktop Light


Classic design and modern functions—the LED Linear Desktop personal task light combines ergonomics, energy efficiency and touch-sensitive LED technology in one fully articulated body.

LED Linear Desktop offers an optional integrated occupancy sensor that turns off the light after 30 minutes of inactivity. Available in single arm or double arm for additional reach.

  • Average-rated lamp life of 50,000 hours
  • Consistent 3500K color temperature
  • Single-touch on/off and touch-and-hold dimming
  • Optional integrated occupancy sensor
  • Programmed to automatically turn off after 10 hours +/- 15 minutes

Single Arm l Double Arm


  • Clean pool of light at only 7 watts power consumption
  • No mechanical moving parts – all solid state – long lasting LED
  • Rotation at base 300°
  • Single touch on/off and touch and hold dimming
  • Continuous dimming from 100% – 15% with last state memory
  • Single or double arm versions to fit different applications
  • Optional Occupancy Sensor


Technical Specs

Color Temperature                             3500K

Color rendering index                        84

LED system wattage                            7 watts

Average rate of lamp life                   50,000 hours

Full range dimming control             100% – 15% continuous

Occupancy sensor option                 Turns fixture off after 30 minutes of no activity

Automatic turn off program            Turns off after 10 Hours +/- 15 mins.

Light output in lumens                       250 lumens

Power cord                                              9′

Tension adjustment                            Knuckle tension is adjustable with an Allen wrench

Finish:                                                       Platinum, Arctic White and Low Gloss Black


Lighting Brochure

Spec Sheet


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