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Steelcase Work Tents

Steelcase Work Tents is a collection of versatile privacy solutions – inspired by tents, designed for the workplace. From simple screens to small enclosures, Work Tents provide privacy and shelter in the office — in an unexpected and delightful way.


Work Tents provide shelter and protection to people at work from common distractions such as noise, stress and other people – providing psychological comfort. From simple screens to open enclosures, Work Tents give people options for how they want to work – and what level of privacy they need – allowing them to stay focused and productive.

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Boundary Tent

Boundary Tent is a lightweight and versatile freestanding screen that delivers on-demand privacy and space definition.


Available Sizes:

  • Diameter: 54” or 66”

Surface Materials:

  • Warm – Primary: Era Pink Lemonade 5ER8 / Accent: Era Scarlet 5ES0
  • Neutral – Primary: Era Comet 5ER5 / Accent: Era Night Owl 5ES7
  • Cool – Primary: Era Royal Blue 5ES6 / Accent: Era Night Owl 5ES7

(Screens are available with these predetermined palettes. Outer fabric rim is a color match to 6059 Sterling Dark Solid. Custom Era fabric selections are available with an upcharge.)

Table Tent

Available Sizes:

  • Small – 41” width, 22.5” depth, 30” height
  • Large – 53” width, 27” depth, 33” height

Surface Materials:

  • Fabric: Ascent
  • Top Panel: Ascent Arctic White
  • Outer Trim: Sterling Dark
  • Fiberglass Rods: Milk

Table Tent comes ready to assemble.


Overhead Tent is a unique, sheer structure that provides an extra layer of privacy in the open plan.


  • Width: Varies 9’ to 12’ between bases
  • Depth: 99”
  • Interior Height: 86” to 93” (depends on width)
  • Exterior Height: 96”

(Variations in dimensions related to tensile construction is expected.

Surface Materials:

Available in 2 Sheer options:

  • Platinum Sheer
  • Arctic White Sheer

Poles and Frame:

  • Aluminum Poles (Silver)
  • Plastic Connectors (Platinum)

Pod Tent

Pod Tent is a freestanding pod that limits distractions in the open office by providing individuals with a comfortable and private space to do their best work.

Available Sizes:

  • Base diameter: 76” ​
  • Diameter: 88” ​at widest point
  • Height: approximately 92”​
    (Variation in heights related to tensile construction is expected.)

Surface Materials:

Available in 3 fabric families (Sheer, Ascent, Era) and can be can be specified in one solid color or in two color families:

  • Sheer
  • Ascent/Era
  • Sheer/Era
  • Sheer/Ascent